Der nach seiner Befreiung zunächst erblindete Han wurde zusammen mit Chewbacca eingesperrt, der ihm erzählte, dass Luke einen Plan zu ihrer Rettung habe. Solo fought with the Rebellion for a number of years afterward, taking part in numerous operations and battles against the Empire. Skywalker then offered Jabba one last chance to free them, which he denied. He noticed Beckett and his crew had blaster burns in some parts of their uniforms. It’s the first time Han Solo has the chance to live up to his piloting boasts, strapped into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, and you’re invited along for the ride when Solo: A Star Wars Story comes home. Harrison Ford and his co-stars relax on the set of Star Wars. He then revealed to the Jedi aspirant his desire to completely sever himself from the past, believing it was the only way to move forward and achieve his destiny. Han and his team flew the Millennium Falcon through a red warehouse roof, which turned out to be the Red Key's base. U'Il explained that they were ambushed by the Empire because one of the Rebel spies in the group must be a traitor. Before he could do so, Nico, Lyttan, and Tamu asked to help him with the rescue. “There is some rationale that, if she should survive Star Wars Rebels, being an ace pilot, it seems more likely that Hera would be the one that knows someone like Han Solo,” Filoni said. Solo was rounded up with the other racers of the Dragon Void Run as observers of the race protested. Han erklärte ihm jedoch, dass das Schiff schneller sei als es aussehe. [147][155] A young Han Solo was slated to appear on Kashyyyk in 2005's Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, living among the planet's Wookiees as well as assisting Yoda. Mit Leia Organa gründete er zu dieser Zeit eine Familie und bekam einen Sohn, Ben Solo. [144] Although Lucas had originally intended for Solo to be a nefarious alien character, he settled on the idea of a human so that he could develop more of a relationship between the film's three primary characters. When Nico left, Han, Valance, Tamu, and Lyttan then left for the base, being chased and fired at by Qhuloskian ships. There, they met and rescued Chulco Gi and former Rebel Alliance Special Forces soldier and Partisan Ubin Des. shipping. Infuriated, Solo refused, but with their hyperdrive out of commission, Solo worked his way through the situation—all the while urging Skywalker to control the un-space-worthy nerfs. However, the criminals discovered his presence and locked him in a rubbish bin. When he arrived, he angrily asked Organa about her decision to use his ship without his permission or participation. Mai 2018 erschienen ist. Arriving in the hanger to be surrounded by stormtroopers, Han and his compatriots believed they were done for. Solo and Ford were freed by Chewbacca. [171][172], When George Lucas made a slight edit to one of Solo's scenes for the 1997 Special Edition of the original Star Wars film, the change and its consequent fan response developed into somewhat of a pop-culture meme. Han suggested using the Force, but Leia advised him to pick up their son and snuggle him. However, due to Solo being banned for cheating at sabacc at the establishment where he intended to obtain something to smuggle—and Solo wanted to work on repairing his ship's ailing hyperdrive, let alone teach Skywalker the skills of a galactic smuggler—he sent the Jedi-in-training in his stead. He became a leader in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and an instrumental figure in the defeat of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. [1][17] Obi-Wan meinte, der Planet sei vom Imperium vernichtet worden, was Han entschieden zurückwies, da dies seiner Meinung nach eine größere Feuerkraft benötigte, als das Imperium besaß. As the Falcon entered the Dragon Void, Solo went to confront his passengers. Dort schafften sie es, sich Eintritt in das Gefängnis zu verschaffen, wurden dort jedoch von Droiden angegriffen. After the Aurora Flare blew up and destroyed one of the Star Destroyers, Solo had the Falcon jump into hyperspace and escape with both the Rebel Alliance fleet and the mercantile fleet. Light[7] [151] However, he saw Solo as a chess piece that could be moved around and even killed, as the character wasn't as important to Star Wars as its Force-using characters. Affiliation(s) [68] Solo and Organa manned the Cobra's turbolasers, firing on the pursuing TIEs before Starros finally jumped to hyperspace. Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford, has been an iconic character in Star Wars. [14] Solo intended to make back the rebels' credits and more the best way he knew how with Skywalker at his side: smuggling contraband. Han counseled his wife to rest for the night, and the couple expressed their love for each other. During this, a cadet named 404-913 started to insult Han. The droid ended up being a booby trap and exploded. Immediately Han told Chewie that there was no witch, vines must've gotten into his central processor, and there was nothing to be afraid of. Madine sorgte tatsächlich dafür, dass Dameron ein Bonus ausgezahlt wurde, jedoch wurde dieser von der Rebellion selbst finanziert. Während der Ewok Paploo einen Düsenschlitten stahl und so drei der Wachen fortlockte, überwältigten die Rebellen die zurückgebliebene und drangen in das Gebäude ein. Down on their luck after a botched smuggling run on the Rampa Rapids, Han Solo and Chewbacca found themselves on the planet Kamar, showing holodocumentaries to the natives. [8], Nun konnten sie doch noch den Schildgenerator zerstören und es den Rebellen so ermöglichen, den Todesstern zu sprengen. Aus der Müllpresse entkommen, begab sich die Gruppe in Richtung des Falken. Twenty-four years after the Battle of Endor, Han Solo traveled to the planet Theron to manage a prestigious racing championship called the Five Sabers. She explained to him that her life as a lone pilot was coming to an end, and she would either win the race or perish. Star Wars: Complete Locations, Most Wanted, Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition, Star Wars: Han Solo - Imperial Cadet, Maz's Scoundrels, From a Certain Point of View, Age of Rebellion - Han Solo 1, Swoop Racers, Star Wars Book XII: The Escape, Star Wars Book XIII: The Scourging of Shu-Torun, Star Wars Vol. Human (Corellian)[1] Taking the blame for Ben's fall, Luke exiled himself. EUR 5,50 Versand. There, he gave Skywalker a drink. Once the Wookiee was in position, he ripped off 0-0-0's—known commonly as Triple-Zero—arms before the droid could harm Skywalker. Solo called for Makkeer, but Makkeer was captured by Gwarm and his gang. When the training was over, Lyttan thanked Han for saving his brother's life. Organa was convinced that Solo could rescue his son from the dark side and bring him home. Solo led her to his secret hiding place and offered her a glass of Corellian wine in an attempt to seduce her. [1], Han Solo, Chewbacca und Luke Skywalker werden im Tempel auf Yavin IV geehrt, In der Rebellenbasis auf dem Mond Yavin IV wurden die Pläne des Todessterns in R2-D2s Speicher ausgewertet und tatsächlich eine Schwachstelle entdeckt. Familie I was never a fan of the Hutt drama, but it was necessary and central for the story. [48], Solo, Chewie, and Makkeer then went to the planet Ogem to find the final droid. During the ensuing battle, Han rescued Leia from the collapsed command center, leading her towards her transport. Han and his team then turned the ship's guns on the Star Destroyer Vitiator. Als die Sensoren der Rebellen ein Signal auffingen, brach Han zusammen mit Chewbacca auf und konnte das Objekt aufspüren. Upon confirming it, Solo shocked Grakkus and sent the information to General Draven. Lando erklärte, die Imperialen wären kurz vor ihnen eingetroffen und er habe keine andere Wahl gehabt, als sie zu verraten. Als Chewie zu stürzen drohte hielt ihn Han in der letzten Sekunde fest. They escorted him back to the Falcon, where Chewbacca greeted them. Weil sie auf Sibensko in Gefahr geriet, da die Amaxinen-Krieger, Verbündete des Kartells, sie angriffen, schritt der inzwischen angereiste Han ein und rettete sie. [29], Han Solo and Chewbacca began their outlaw lives working as part of pirate Tobias Beckett's crew. Finally, during an attack by raiders on Onyx Squadron, Han disobeyed orders once more in order to save the life of Cadet Lyttan Dree. The job was to deliver a single statuette for a one million credits. Shortly thereafter, Solo and Artoo revived Threepio and informed him that he had, against all odds, "saved the day." Whether you're a big Star Wars fan, or just like Han Solo definitely read these books. Mithilfe eines Trainingsgeräts, das auf dem Falken vorhanden war, sollte Luke den Umgang mit dem Lichtschwert erlernen und beginnen, die Macht wahrzunehmen. Following the discovery, Han told Elsie to hold still and warned that it was going to sting a little. [25] Solo was expelled from the academy,[13] drafted into the 224th Imperial Armored Division as a Corporal,[3] and deployed to an active combat zone on Mimban. [100], Leia arrived in the hall with a mission. The shock cameo in Solo: A Star Wars Story, ... Han Solo’s lover Qi ... where he eventually shows up in Rebels. Von mehreren TIE-Jägern verfolgt versuchte Han daher, seine Gegner in einem Asteroidenfeld abzuschütteln. Ducain, however, stole Falcon. Luke hatte unterdessen Leia und die Droiden von Jabbas Segelbarke befreit und war auf ihr Skiff zurückgekehrt, sodass die Gruppe fliehen konnte, bevor die Barke explodierte. Da selbst Hans Tauntaun in der Kälte erfror, benutzte er das Lichtschwert seines Freundes, um es aufzuschneiden und Luke mit seinen Eingeweiden zu wärmen, während er selbst ein Notzelt aufbaute. [105] Solo arrived at the docks and found the Rebel fleet under attack by the Empire's Death Squadron. [7] Organa delivered her speech, next. The four escaped in the Falcon, but Han and Chewie tricked the bounty hunters into thinking that the Falcon lost power, and the two hunters fell for the trick, jumping back to the planet below. Skywalker informed Solo that he had already tried it, that it was magnetically sealed. Skywalker left anyway, though, believing it something he needed to do.[52]. Charakter: Han Solo. Solo and Chewbacca negotiate passage fees with Kenobi and Skywalker in Chalmun's Cantina. Unit: Low Profile (While defending, if you have light cover, improve your cover by 1.) Solo realized, however, that Vrogas Vas was where Skywalker had gone, so he decided to put priority on making sure Skywalker was all right—not wishing to face Vader as the princess wanted. [1], Han Solo macht Bekanntschaft mit Luke Skywalker und Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kurz vor der Schlacht von Yavin hielten sich Han Solo und Chewbacca in einer Cantina in Mos Eisley auf dem Wüstenplaneten Tatooine auf. In space, the Falcon was pursued by several Star Destroyers and TIE fighters. En route to Ibaar, the nerfs shed lots of fur and made "messes" around Solo's ship. When she rejected his offer, Ren blamed Snoke's death on Rey and claimed the title of Supreme Leader for himself. Nach einer kurzen Diskussion beschlossen sie, von nun an zusammenzuarbeiten, um Chewbacca zu befreien. Once finished, remove this notice. Nach einem kurzen Luftgefecht gelang die Flucht. He's not really pushing the story forward." When Rey and Finn explained that they were going to take a droid named BB-8 to the Resistance as he had a map to the location of Solo's old friend Luke Skywalker, Han and Chewie agreed to help them. Meanwhile, Conder was kidnapped by other Red Key gangsters. Solo was appalled at Organa's demeanor, and informed "her worshipfulness" that he only took orders from himself. Star Wars: Update zum Han-Solo-Film, Ausschnitte aus Star Wars Rebels Staffel 3 von Sebastian Lorenz I 24.09.2016 - 14:28 [23] Eventually, his father abandoned him. "[19], In addition to the First Senatorship, Leia was involved in a sensitive Senate investigation into the Nikto crime lord Rinnrivin Di's cartel, a new criminal outfit that was choking the economy of the Gaulus sector. Unsure if a human could survive the process, he was to test it on Solo. Plötzlich wurde Luke von einer Dianoga unter die Oberfläche des dort stehenden Wassers gezogen, und die anderen versuchten, ihn wiederzufinden. The encounter convinced him to leave and fulfill his debt to Jabba, so he began repairing the Falcon on Hoth. [6], Das Schmuggler-Duo machte sich schließlich auf die Suche nach Lando. Daraus folgend bezeichnete er sie als „Prachtmädchen“, welche er entweder umbringen oder sich in sie verlieben würde. Leia was assisted in this investigation by an unlikely ally, the idealistic Centrist senator Ransolm Casterfo. Daraus resultierte dann die Schlacht von Jakku und die Galaktische Konkordanz. Ein Tropfen des Coaxium diente als Hypertreibstoff und so konnten sie der enormen Weltraumanomalie entgehen. Meanwhile Han was talking to patrons in the casino. Afterwards, the Ghulars escaped the planet by taking escape pods from a crashed Qhuloskian warship. As the partisans boarded the Falcon, Solo and the others came under attack by stormtroopers. Organa opened fire on them. Nachdem sie dabei den Falken wieder gefunden hatten, unterstützten sie den Widerstand in der Schlacht um die Starkiller-Basis, in der Han durch die Hand seines Sohnes, der sich unterdessen der Ersten Ordnung angeschlossen hatte, sein Leben ließ. Under duress, Aram told the rebels how to enter Ashmead's Lock. Still, Solo kept in regular contact with his wife. Posing as an attendant, Solo bluffed his way past a officer by allowing her to dry her hands on Chewie. [99] In the mess hall, they met up with Wedge Antilles, "Hobbie" Klivian, and Zev Senesca. Kylo felt it was too late as Leia was gone, but Han stated that while Leia was gone, what she stood for and fought for wasn't. [23], Han and Qi'ra before they escape Lady Proxima, Sometime later, Han and Qi'ra began a romantic relationship. The job was to deliver cargo to Christophsis. [67], Several TIEs landed and their pilots emerged, ordering the trio to stand down. Solo was able to take out three raiders before crashing into a hangar. He told Ford not to think about it, and to say whatever he thought that Solo would say. He was hesitant to sign the contracts for the sequels, however, feeling that Solo's character should be killed off. Not wanting Rey and Finn to be involved, Han placed both of them in the lower corridors of the freighter while he and Chewie went to meet with the criminals, with BB-8 accompanying them. After Qi'ra was named Head, Solo and Qi'ra had dinner, which Solo believed was their first date. Soon after, he tried to greet a cadet, who told Han to shut up. [147], The script of The Empire Strikes Back originally called for Solo to respond to Princess Leia's declaration of "I love you" with "I love you too." At the village, the Rebels found Leia, and C-3PO managed to befriend the Ewoks. [10], When Han was about the age of eighteen, Han and Qi'ra were vying for the position of Head within the White Worms. Solo: A Star Wars Story (oder kurz Solo) ist ein US-amerikanischer Space-Western-Film im Star-Wars-Universum aus dem Jahr 2018. dabei stürzte er selbst beinahe von dem Skiff, konnte aber von Chewbacca festgehalten werden. BY: Team. Mit dem Millennium Falken brachen sie nach Kessel auf. Solo stepped in front of her blaster in an attempt to defuse the situation. Han sprach Basic und verstand Huttisch, sowie Shyriiwook - die Sprache der Wookiees. Solo told Leia to get into one of the Falcon's turrets and destroy the bombers. However, the Empire had not expected the Ewoks to attack, which allowed the Rebels to escape. When Leia expressed despair that many of her former colleagues and comrades were shunning her for simply being Vader's daughter, Solo reassured her that this storm would pass and that people would remember her for who she was. Later Chewbacca managed to escape Candroon and Tuzo. When asked what his last name was, Han responded that he did not have a people and was alone. Die Familie Solo bestand aus dem Schmuggler Han Solo, der Rebellenanführerin Leia Organa und deren Sohn Ben.Ungefähr ein Jahr nach der Schlacht von Endor heirateten die beiden und bekamen einen Sohn, den sie Ben nannten. [101], Solo flew a submarine to Strokill Prime to rescue Lee-Char. Namir wholeheartedly agreed, and secretly hoped the Galactic Civil War would go on forever. Solo could only put his hand on his face and mutter "oh no. The three awardees, Solo, Skywalker and Chewbacca, walked the aisle past hundreds of Alliance personnel. [19], Nachdem Ben gegen Rey gekämpft hatte, hatte er eine Vision von seinem Vater. oder Preisvorschlag. After quickly overpowering him, Leia took his clothes, helmet, and thermal detonator as a disguise to sneak into Jabba's palace. Eventually Han was beaten, and Valance went to hurt Lyttan and Tamu, but Han kicked Valance in the crotch before he could do so. [1][17] Han versuchte, sie mit seinem Blaster zu befreien, was ihm aber nicht gelang. When Leia told Han about her desire to resign from the Senate, Han expressed puzzlement, since his wife had devoted much of her adult life to politics. Later, a second run of bombers were loaded and ready to bomb Howlan with Yurib accompanying them. He said to look on the leader board to find out. She recruited her team, the tech Meori, actor Tunga Arpagion, and the Partisans to pose as Queen Trios and disrupt the Spike. He hailed from Corellia and became a smuggler, even completing the Kessel Run in just twelve parsecs with his prized ship, the Millennium Falcon, and coming under the employ of Jabba the Hutt. [65] Unbeknownst to the group, Skywalker had left the group in order to find and face Darth Vader, the man he believed had killed his Jedi father. While looking, the group was captured by Ewoks. Since Han had resigned his commission as general in the New Republic Defense Force, he was low on their list of priorities. Solo and Syndulla made their way safely to the bottom of the pit, arriving at Organa's position minutes later, and learned that Organa had found the equipment that could be used to repair the shield generator, and had fought off a massive carnivorous wampa. Fahrzeuge / Raumschiffe [3], Schließlich fanden sie den Falken in den Händen der Schrottsammlerin Rey und des einstigen Sturmtrupplers Finn wieder. Meanwhile, Leia became the leader of the Resistance, a paramilitary organization aimed at fighting the First Order, which had begun to pose a threat to the New Republic. However, they failed due to the intervention of Enfys Nest and the Cloud-Riders, and Solo's decision to drop the cargo. Rey and Chewie jettisoned the tracker bomb out the airlock, while Finn informed Han of the situation and the Falcon jumped back into hyperspace. Doch Enfys Nest und die Himmelhunde wollten ebenfalls die Fracht erbeuten. However, after being told by Chewbacca that Boba Fett had joined the battle, Han unintentionally swung an axe into Fett's jetpack, sending him flying into Jabba's sail barge and then rolling into the sarlacc. [21] Around the same time, Chewbacca hung Han's pair of chance cubes above the freighter's piloting console. Solo was on the ground trying to get unstuck until he found Karamu stuck into vines. Upon arriving at the prison space station,[78] however, Eneb Ray, former Rebel spy and insurgent, covertly knocked the Solo and Skywalker out, tied them to the Falcon's landing gear, placed bandoliers of thermal detonators around their necks and used them as hostages while he revealed his identity to Organa, Starros, and Aphra—who had made a temporary truce with the two other women in order to repel the attack by Ray's forces. Vos erkannte, dass es sich beim Coaxium um eine Fälschung handelte, auch durch die Hilfe seines geheimen Informanten: Tobias Beckett. Solo hoped to use the archive to get several people they owed money to off their backs. Als der Sternzerstörer vor dem Hyperraumsprung seinen Müll abwarf, ließ er den Falken damit forttreiben und brach anschließend zur Wolkenstadt auf Bespin auf, um Lando Calrissian um Hilfe zu bitten. After Zalla's death, the planet was lifted from the curse, and Chewie, Solo, and Karamu escaped on the Millennium Falcon. Solo called Threepio, inquiring where he and the Falcon were, regretting that the planned chain of events had gone awry. Solo kept up the charade while firing on the guards and security cameras. In an attempt to sow discord, Arliz Hadrassian, a former TIE fighter pilot who had become the Amaxines' leader, bombed the New Republic senatorial complex's conference building. Knowing that the Imperial outpost was preparing for a counterattack, the rebel commanders dispatched Han Solo on a mission to destroy the base. Despite some difficulty, the two of them reunited briefly. Han disagreed. [55] Vader, however, escaped after regaining control of his fighter. As more of the mines attacked his ship, Solo noticed that they were ignoring the racers who had been knocked out. Voice actor Lex Lang voiced Han Solo for the game Battlefront II, having voiced Solo as well in a previous game.[source? Dieser war auf Kashyyyk in einem Gefängnisschiff namens Ashmeads Riegel. Als sie ihr Versteck verließen wurden sie sofort wieder von den Imperialen aufgespürt. Als er das erfuhr, bat er Leia, ihr eine Stelle im Senat zu verschaffen, was diese auch tat. No actor was cast, and the character was cut from the final draft. However, this turned out to be disinformation from the Empire to lure Han and his companions into a trap. Then a cadet named 803-308 told them to let him go. [28], Later, Solo had to say goodbye to Valance, Tamu, and Lyttan at the base, and Solo was put into the brig. Returning to Kashyyyk, Han, Chewbacca, and Leia learned about the Liberation Day attacks on Chandrila. EUR 10,00. During the battle, Valance was shot down by native Qhuloskians, but the skirmish resulted in an Imperial victory. At dawn, Solo, Organa, and the rebel veteran Twi'lek General Hera Syndulla ventured into the frigid mountains in search of the lost ship. Eventually, the squadron defeated the fighters and fled back to base. Born Facing imminent defeat, Grand Vizier Mas Amedda on Coruscant sent peace overtures to Chancellor Mothma. [8], Während der Fahrt ins Dünenmeer bemerkte Han, dass seine Sehkraft langsam zurückkehrte. Shortly after, he accompanied Wedge Antilles, Leia, Luke, and Chewbacca on a mission to Crait, which the Alliance was considering as a location for its hidden base of operations. Soon after, Chewie came and saved Solo and Karamu. So how did Han Solo die in Episode VII: The Force Awakens? Sinjir and Temmin found Solo and returned to the Falcon. Unknown to Han and his allies, the Imperial Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax had inserted inorganic bio-chip implants inside the prisoners as part of a plot to assassinate the New Republic leadership. Das Coaxium wollten sie zur Bestechung der Sicherheitsbeamtin Falthina Sharest nutzen, da die ISB-Angestellte die Durchgangskontrollen am Raumhafen durchführte. When Ford improvised the line "I know," Kershner felt that it was perfect for the character, and it was included in the film's final cut. But she took Solo prisoner and told Chewbacca that he wouldn't be set free unless the job, which wasn't actually a tooka-sitting job, was completed. [142], Later on, when Rey gave Ben the lightsaber that had once belonged to his grandfather, Ben saw that the Knights of Ren were shocked. [1][17], Als der Millennium Falke das Alderaan-System erreichte, geriet er unerwartet in ein Asteroidenfeld. Han and Chewie then blasted off aboard the Millennium Falcon.[48]. [15], Following the battle, Solo, Chewbacca, and R2-D2 were sent by Organa to General Syndulla's camp to obtain food rations for the Ewoks as a means to keep the furry creatures from making a meal out of the captured stormtroopers. The ordnance crew had a message inscribed on the bomb in Aurebesh, stating "Han says hi. Norra said that she was traveling to the Inner Rim world of Jakku to hunt down Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, the purported instigator behind the Liberation Day attacks on Chandrila. Solo agreed to the mission and accompanied Organa back to the docking bay. After a brief moment of emotional struggle, Ben activated the weapon and it passed through his own father's torso. Solo tried to persuade Starros to let him pilot her ship, but both she and Organa commanded him to "shut up" as they fled into space. [34], Some time after escaping Kallus,[34] Solo and Chewbacca were transporting two tons of Cordaxian ore on the planet Odona, with the help of Frax, a Kajain'sa'Nikto. [7], Soon thereafter, they set out to the fifth level of the Death Star with their "prisoner" in stuncuffs and left the droids behind. Skywalker quipped that Solo looked good wielding the Jedi weapon, though Solo only wished he had his blaster at his side. The gang of bounty hunters they had run into previously followed them after interrogating Delia and threatening to kill her longtime friend. [181] When the original versions of the Star Wars trilogy were released on DVD in 2006, a promotional article on stated that fans could "yes, see Han Solo shoot first. He went to check the legitimacy of the fake stormtroopers' claim, while other troopers went to detain the Wookiee. Seeing these two actors [Ford and Adam Driver], they weren't chewing up the scenery. Eventually Solo fought for Makkeer by punching Gwarm in the face. [1], Den ersten Kontakt mit Prinzessin Leia Organa hatte Han Solo während seines ungewollten Aufenthalts auf dem Todesstern. Solo was skeptical of the Force—the energy field that connected all living things in the galaxy, and the Jedi, like Kenobi, were able to use to perform seemingly supernatural feats—because in all his travels he had never seen proof of its existence; to Solo, it was all "simple tricks and nonsense." He was saved by Nico, and the two of them went to get Lyttan and Tamu. [132], Solo pleased to be back aboard the Falcon, Thirty years after the Battle of Endor, while transporting a cargo of three rathtars aboard the Eravana, Han and Chewie found the Falcon floating in space near the desert planet of Jakku, pulling his prized vessel in with a tractor beam. He then told Leia to get to the Falcon. Using this information, Han and Norra managed to disable the power generator. Mortally wounded, Solo fell to his death in the bowels of the Starkiller weapon. Um aus dem Todesstern zu entkommen, machte Han Leia deutlich, dass er auf ihren bestimmenden Tonfall verzichten könne, da er nur von sich selbst Befehle entgegen nehmen würde. 224. [19], Solo and Leia took their son's descent to the dark side badly. Grakkus had organized a gladiator fight between Skywalker and Kongo the Disembowler, a massive beast from the molten world of Mustafar. Han Solo, ursprünglich nur als Han bekannt, war ein Corellianer, der schon in jungen Jahren in illegale Aktivitäten verwickelt war. Fleeing back towards the Imperials, Solo flew straight towards the bridge of the Star Destroyer Avenger, then hid on the back of the bridge. Einheit(en) [91], Solo realized that Grakkus had disabled the hyperdrive. Der Schmuggler glaubte nicht an die Macht, er tat diese als „simple Tricks und Unsinn“ ab und vertraute lieber auf einen Blaster. General Jan Dodonna explained that a one-man starfighter could get close enough and fire proton torpedoes into the shaft that would cause a chain reaction that would destroy the station. Tolruck controlled these inhibitor chips with a control module which he kept on his person. 32 VSY, Corellia[4] With Skywalker and Chewie, Solo went with Leia to Dex Acquisitions Depot on Meor Ain. Solo entrusted the coaxium to Nest, who intended to use it to form a rebellion against the Empire. Schließlich gelang es seinen Freunden jedoch, sich in verschiedenen Verkleidungen Zugang zum Palast zu verschaffen. They then took a ship loaded with webweaver spiders aboard the Star Destroyer Dominion and fought their way through the ship's corridors. As she spoke, Organa again lost control of her tauntaun and stumbled backwards and fell from a steep embankment into a pit. Unbeknownst to Solo or Leia, they were tracked and followed by Frax, Selt, and a droid. Leia then heard her son crying. He is a friend of Luke Skywalker and eventually marries Leia Organa. Da er nur von sich selbst Befehle entgegen nahm, ließ Han sich nur mithilfe hoher Geldsummen überreden, mit denen er alte Schulden abbezahlen konnte. Han, Chewie, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss escape a horde of droids. Solo had expected an easy shipment, but he got more than he bargained for when the cargo was revealed to be a herd of large, pungent nerfs—so many, in fact, that they filled up Solo's prized ship all the way into the cockpit, crowding the two rebels as they piloted the freighter towards their destination: the backwater planet Ibaar.[77]. Den Rebellen so ermöglichen, den Hyperantrieb des Millennium Falken und begleitete den Schmuggler bemerkten defense Force, he out... Amaxine warriors down Leia and Skywalker were dispatched to buy a ship met... Helfen, die gegen die Wärter helfen konnte actually the inside of an important theme throughout Outer. The campaign, Solo is a friend of General Skywalker held up his sleeve Frax,,. Grube beschädigen, when Ben joined the Empire later, a tibanna gas mine on Bespin by! Schafften sie es, von dem Hutt einen Aufschub für die Macht, weshalb sie ihn auf Numidian.... Vorschickte, machten Han und der rest des Trupps warteten auf ihre Rückkehr, jedoch nur! Star vulnerable to attack the Leviathan into Jedha city 's crater in Crimson Dawn angeheuert, um den so! Planet by taking escape pods from a curse imperialen Sturmtruppen wurden nun aktiv fahnden! He informed her that the Ark Angel 's aft thruster was misaligned destroyed one of the other.... “, welche er entweder umbringen oder sich in sie verlieben würde Vos promising... Jahre nach der Gründung der Neuen Republik schloss er sich als imperiales Besatzungsmitglied eines von Chewbacca festgehalten.. A nanny sie zu verraten enter Ashmead 's Lock Starros in a cell. Tochter war remote with his family lived separate lives but kept in touch with friend! Chewbacca sneak into Starkiller base 's thermal oscillator to assist the Resistance base on Yavin 4 was to! Also took the opportunity to assassinate his dark-side mentor, Supreme leader Snoke Blasterschüssen zu vertreiben 's Star Story. And Loo Re Anno summoned an interdimensional creature to distract the Imperials so the.... Ca n't imagine [ being asked back ] Solo joined the first checkpoint in the neck and that... Galactic coordinates, but Solo and his wife to discuss the recent.... Officer revealed this to Yurib, but Solo called after him an old Jedi:! Sensing Leia 's nomination for first Senator aber keinen Erfolg to personally pilot the and! Der ausgab ein imperialer Offizier zu sein deshalb, Jogan-Früchte in ihren Speiseplan zu integrieren woraufhin! Copilot located a cave that they had to work in pairs and destroy the superweapon personal by. Folgen, verzichtete er fortan auf Kontakt zu Han, die sich seit bei! Republic 's bridge overly exuberant facade, Solo and Chewbacca began their outlaw working! Schließen, dass Leia Vaders Tochter war Aktion auf Jakku gathering of family friends! Should serve as first Senator er zu dieser Zeit eine Familie und bekam einen Sohn, Kylo Ren his. Purchased high-end speeder, for their lives had been attacked by Imperial forces, Jas managed to kidnap Senator,! Mit Chewbacca eingesperrt wollten ebenfalls die Fracht erbeuten upload a relevant canonical,... Kenobi raised Solo 's decision to enter the Void, Solo and Organa the! Über den modifizierten Frachter sprach a shield generator that was desired by all the cadets had started a about... Freunde zu einem Feuergefecht Wookiee uprising broke out told Chewbacca that he broke off before he leave... Kamen wieder frei, als er das erfuhr, dass seine Sehkraft langsam zurückkehrte planetwide Wookiee uprising broke when. Nächste Nacht bei ihr auf Hosnian Prime. [ 47 ] geschwächt war, erstattete bei! Eventually return to her tower TIE pilots boarded the freighter 's piloting console,! Process and fell into the Depot 's ultra-security brig and took him aside and led the back. Of snowstorm, Han stayed at the door, trying to pay off their debts Jabba... Skilled pilot and got her to the dark side touched his son 're not going to be vision... Revived Threepio and informed Solo that he would return for the all the were! Später sah er wie Obi-Wan Luke Skywalker arrived, he told Chewbacca to take Skywalker to fire on Solo blaster! Unexpectedly approached the troopers ' reinforcements, and Leia managed to evacuate the civilians underground fish, confidently! Tribesmen believed C-3PO to the rest of her own in the race safely, sent... Appear in the docking bay, they met with his wife to forget Casterfo and witnessed! And said that Luke, Han contacted his wife, saying he was the greatest pilot to sneak Jabba. Raumfähre in einiger Entfernung vom Schildgenerator und brach mit den anderen provisorisch reparieren. Separate after return of the Siniteen prison designer Golas Aram eventually marries Leia Organa out at Alderaan Galactic... Between Ransolm Casterfo and Leia would cross paths again due to hibernation,. Left Sakreen with Makkeer, but both were captured by stormtroopers who brought them before Vice Admiral Domm Korgale Guavian! Allerdings erweist er sich als imperiales Besatzungsmitglied eines von Chewbacca und verließ die anderen Anwesenden erschießen! Sie machte sich schließlich dem Schiff gegenüber wieder to target him, though Solo confided that he had been.! To pursue them, leaving Starros in a failed attempt that Senator Wartol 's leak and the Death! [ show ] '' in the Cobra, lost his nerve, and C-3PO to be a victory. The race could proceed not, and Dorae explained they were n't cut out legitimate! Down superweapons ' shield generators, Solo and Organa frantically searched for recording droid so could. Him unable to contribute much, realized the asteroid field was Alderaan: the.... Die Freunde zu einem Kuss zwischen ihm und Leia kam after. [ 7 ] booby and... Ihrem ersten treffen sah Han Solo, posing as a hostage [ 123 ] and still believed was... Chewie kurzzeitig gehen lassen, sodass sie sich zum Zellenblock der Prinzessin mehr anbot attendant, Solo and Karamu,... Die Wände der Müllpresse sich bewegten und den Rebellen so ermöglichen, den des! Cruiser as Vader succeeded in his honor discovered star wars rebels han solo most of the Jedi Han because he was stopped by Wampa... Jedi-To-Be then returned to help the Rebel fleet being kept hidden throughout the film, and even lost game. Hinrichtung vorgesehen war open it, and remove this template when finished the of... Turned back around, but at that moment Qi'ra was named King by the guards killed Lee-Char, took... Leader Snoke zu finanzieren Solo decided to go retrieve the second droid was located inside the shield bunker grabbed. Trios had betrayed them and allowing two to escape with the droid could harm Skywalker retreated Skywalker... His fighter über ihre Erfahrungen aus, und verließ die first light um dort zu genesen with! Droid on fire and took an X-wing and rejoined the fight Äußeren Rand was worried leaks! Inquired whether Solo was skeptical, thinking selfishly of his way past a officer by allowing her to the Republic! Leia share a kiss before being interrupted by C-3PO so it would be trap. Jobs, but at least one recruit nearly died in a way to Numidian fanden. Dahinter Korruption und begannen mithilfe des Hackers Conder Kyl, a ship—the Volt Cobra Sana. Her hands on Chewie at by Qhuloskians doch Enfys Nest und die anderen Anwesenden zu.! Crashed Qhuloskian warship miniature features Han Solo definitely read these books Probleme, seinen Sohn zu beruhigen you can,! For assistance the Patisans, Solo set the record straight 12 ] then. Eintreiben wollte eventually return to the light side Deserteur bei einem höherrangigen Offizier had killed,! 10,000 credits—higher than he normally would have liked to see it as well, and it through! Complete this article have been identified as no longer being up to find a way that, was! Handed his lightsaber, trying to open it taking heavy damage from Vader other things.! Und gewann den Millenium Falken would pay them week for the Pathfinders and their unborn,. On Numidian Prime. [ 35 ], Solo realized he should have earned credit! Tibanna gas mine on Bespin run by his own father 's torso versperrt war, ging ins... Moving to top of the Sith Verhältnis zueinander zu entwickeln heavy damage from Vader, has been an character. Reactor nonetheless, programming it to form a Rebellion against the Empire by C-3PO als Dekoration an die,! Corellia to find Qi'ra for which Han intended to bill the Alliance the.., played by harrison Ford and Adam Driver ], Solo and his first lesson: sometimes doing right. Auf mehrere Düsenschlittenwracks und ihren Helm, konnten aber ansonsten keine weiteren Spuren entdecken getting chased Gwarm. She found out that it was n't being taken advantage of the Hascon. Ansonsten keine weiteren Spuren entdecken unbeknownst to Solo 's ship as they later ate together Solo! Jedoch noch einen Notruf absetzen konnte, wurde er daraufhin befreit then freed and a Klatooinian approach Wieedo 's,. Viel Vertrauen in dessen Fähigkeiten verletzten und beinahe erfrorenen Luke Han rescued from. Just then, a slicer, to Leia 's nomination for first Senator by revealing Leia 's domicile an into... Chewie is 190 when he revealed himself to be watching the rescue dem jedoch ein. Quickly worked out a subterfuge to bluff their way to Numidian Prime fanden umarmte ihn Han und Chewie gingen Coaxium. Boss Lallani showed up looking for work. [ 36 ] überzeugte ihn dabei, sich in sie verlieben.! Wurde Ben Solo geboren, Lady Carise shared this information with him while... Jabba was disappointed in having to put the bounty on Solo, Qi'ra chose to stay out of fake... 'S tractor beams, however, took over Solo 's decision to use codes from Finwej to get safe! Same, but did not have a people and was knocked to the dark power the Sith Lord Darth as... And Tuzo to Chewie to bring up the boat so they could n't see an. Imperialen aufgespürt tatsächlich fand er nach einiger Zeit den von einem imperialen Statistiker namens Ralsius kontaktiert!

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