We always went to Cullercoats Bay when we were young because when the tide was in it was a very safe bay for bathing. Our aim is to encourage people, either living in or with a connection to North Tyneside, to share some of their life experience to create a personal context for the momentous times theyve lived through. Im still friendly with some of them now. [5] These raids were done to aid their ongoing siege of the heavily fortified Newcastle upon Tyne, and in a bid to control the River Tyne, and the North, and the Shields siege helped cause their battalions to maneuver south to York;[5] this may have also led to a brief winter skirmish on the outskirts of Boldon, though the topography is not favourable for a battle.[7]. A few days before Christmas we wrote our notes for what we wanted and threw them up the chimney for Santa. since 1860. Thankfully, only three people were injured including the leading fireman. but if some spark good memories they are available to buy in a wide range of products, including framed prints, canvas prints and personalised photo gifts including tea towels, mugs, jigsaws, tableware, cushion covers, customised calendars. 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The yard belonged to Catty Nelly and the cats and kittens were her kids so to speak. I'm thinking of you" - Pablo Iglesias Maurer, At the end of October 1959 in the basement of 39 Gerrard Street - an unexceptional and damp space that was once a sort of rest room for taxi drivers and an occasional tea bar - Ronnie Scott opened his first jazz club. Send a personal message with a photo to anyone, anywhere. The Port of Tyne is one of the UK's most important and is further developing its freight and passenger activities. You wouldn't believe that in fifty odd plus years time we would still bump into one another for a bit natter but it has happened! NRA 23979 Maude and Ogden families of Sunderland: corresp and papers. For great art and culture delivered to your door, visit our shop. It shows shoppers in the decoration department of Woolworths in Newcastle upon Tyne. I remember growing up in Burradon, a little village, in a beautiful old colliery cottage which I loved. There are Industries have come and gone, and the physical make-up of the town is much altered. The undertaker went as pale as the corpse and a fierce argument began. The wall separated the schoolyard from the old cemetery. childhood house-home pastimes-entertainment schooldays, In return for the newspapers, we got a massive bag of fresh cooked chips. The Bangladeshi community is the third largest in Tyne and Wear, after Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland with 1.7% of the town's population being Bangladeshi or 1300 people. She was indeed lovely; her pale face framed in lace had a serene beauty that I had never experienced. Parents were only allowed to look through a window and were not allowed onto the ward to see their bairns. [3] Divisions living at the fort included Tigris bargemen (from Persia and modern day Iraq), infantry from Iberia and Gaul, and Syrian archers and spearmen. A pioneer project, both locally and nationally. We always got dressed up to go dancing, in a long dress and with either silver or gold shoes. First we would just look at them, then as your mouth began to water like mad, pop a bit in. Parcels for the station, thrown from passing trains, sometimes missed and ended up in our garden! The troop ship continues on its way across the azure blue of the Mediterranean to my destination Port Said. The retired 'Tyne' life boat in 1904; A tribute to all crewmen who served on her, some mistakenly think this is a tribute to William Wouldhave, South Shields once had an open-air swimming pool. After the sales, we were drafted upstairs to dust the fixtures. Harking back to Christmas past now, with these photographs of Christmas shop fronts and high street scenes of Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields in the 1960s. It shows the festive lights of Fenwicks department store in Newcastle upon Tyne. He had coke for eyes, a row of coal for a mouth and a carrot for a nose. If I wanted dresses I went to Bell Bros. or D Hill Carter, they were both nice shops. This is a 35mm slide. This is where youll find the recollections and life experiences which local people have shared with us. A walk of interest, history, beauty and nostalgia to me, now aged 87. Now we have the flyover, but imagine the line of cars if it hadn't been built. [28], In 2008, a critically acclaimed exhibition about the South Shields Yemeni community was held entitled The Last of the Dictionary Men Stories from South Shields Yemeni Sailors, was held at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead. It was hard for families to make the decision about evacuating their children. The Westoe Colliery was opened. Most of the cleaning was done on hands and knees, but we did have one machine, called The Dummy, which cleaned the floors that made life easier! Can you come and collect him?. The platform at the former South Shields Metro station is situated on a bridge directly above King Street the town's main shopping area. A Christmas display in Callers department store, Newcastle upon Tyne. If you are very, very naughty, all you will get for Christmas is a bag of cinders. We often had natural creamy ice-cream in the 1940s winters. She would go out of her way to breathe over a tar boiler whenever the men were mending the road! Before 1820, South Shields was a predominantly sparse hamlet and village based rural economy with some small-scale shipbuilding, glass making and salt processing along the riverside. Ronnie.I'm not going to ask WHY you've no socks onGoodnight! There were only two kinds of ointment so you can see our treatment was very basic. This is a night time view of Binns department store Christmas window in Newcastle upon Tyne. Sometimes, just for the hell of it, we would go looking for a chase. The exhibition depicted the Yemeni story as an example of early successful multi-cultural integration in Britain, as well as showcasing the high-profile 1977 visit by Muhammad Ali. We used to roll our own pills and make all sorts of bottles'. celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainment. What a wonderful sight there were eggs everywhere you looked! We would borrow ropes from the girls at Haggies. South Shields has always had a sizeable Arab community dating back to the 1890s. I thought it was the countryside - it was all fields! Health warnings there were none. Nothing can break the human spirit as long as you can have a good laugh. childhood shops-shopping transport wartime working-life. In Egypt the camp had three large search lights and around the perimeter fence were forty dugouts with a guard in each one. Kitty Brightwells memories of living in Jesmond Dene in the 1930s. In the event of a power cut, each bell was designed to keep ringing for a further six hours. Mar 26, 2022 - Explore Norman Roberts's board "old photos of south shields" on Pinterest. I remember a gramophone that had to be wound up to play records. South Shields is bounded by the A19 trunk road to the West and situated close to the Tyne Tunnel at Jarrow. The boys used to fasten their cup to their belt and more often than not they went home with just the handle. childhood games health pastimes-entertainment. When the winch was released I was terrified and would have paid five pounds to get off! At the same time each lighthouse was equipped with an electrically activated fog bell; these were switched on and off remotely from a control hut in the pier blockyard. The children got all new clothes for Easter, I loved Good Friday because we did the marching. Our mothers made a great fuss of us and we had baked herring for tea for a few days. The first evidence of a settlement within what is now the town of South Shields dates from pre-historic times. The population increased from 12,000 in 1801 to 75,000 by the 1860s, bolstered by economic migration from Ireland, Scotland and other parts of England. When the Procession of Witness came past we always stopped what we were doing. See more ideas about old photos, local history, olds. Founded in 1245, South Shields quickly developed into an important fishing port, with industries such as fishing and salt-panning attracting workers from far and wide. Anything that stayed still got painted white, We were hanging on to an empire, they were fighting for independence. ", Wind blown sand drifts o'er the strand, Where once the "Plaza" it did stand, A pleasure palace built years ago, To entertain both high and low. The staff were given the job of painting a big red 'V' onto each of the cream drinking mugs. We attempted to make versions of toffees, chocolates and fondants using some weird ingredients. It was taken in 1963. It was taken in 1963. Pleanty to see and do in the Pleasure Park. It wasn't unusual to see a mouse come out of the corner of the classroom and lick the milk bottle tops. The UKs leading archive and publisher of local photographs The Bangladeshi community is actually larger than the Yemeni community. [50] The installation of this powerful light (which is visible during the day as well as by night), rendered the High and Low Lights of North Shields redundant, and they were therefore decommissioned at the same time. celebrations-events childhood games house-home my-life pastimes-entertainment schooldays transport working-life. Afterwards you can have fish and chips or go to Ocean Road for a curry or Minchellas for coffee and ice cream. The snowman my granddad built for me lasted for weeks. This is a colourful display in Bainbridges department store, Newcastle upon Tyne. This is the Broadlooms Christmas display window. When the bluebells are up the air is scented and wonderful. That was what we called wellingtons when we were kids. The boys jumped on top of the shelter banging about, while all the girls went inside the shelter and screamed. . More recently this has included primarily the town centre, riverside and foreshore areas, given the decline of once-traditional heavy industries with the town's growing importance as a major commercial centre and tourist destination. Judge Clifton Newman, a South Carolina native who attended racially segregated schools in the 1950s and 1960s, addressed Murdaugh directly during roughly 20 minutes of comments that ranged from . What nowadays would be a sea mist, in the 1930s and 1940s turned into a thick orange impenetrable fog. It was taken in 1965. My summer holidays were spent on the Fish Quay sands, childhood house-home my-life pastimes-entertainment schooldays working-life. [19], South Shields has been home to a Yemeni British community since the 1890s. Located between the excellently refurbished Marine Park (fantastic children's Park and a boating lake with swans and ducks) and the brilliant beach (with skate Park , basket ball courts). The photos were taken by South Shields amateur photographer Ronald Sanderson and his wife Mabel and given to the South Shields Museum . Save. This is a view of the festive display in Callers department store in Newcastle upon Tyne. It shows a childrens window display in Callers store, Newcastle upon Tyne. We had lovely glass toys and tin candle holders which dripped on the branches. We were young and indestructible. The first-foot had to be tall dark and masculine. Subscribe. Terms & Conditions of Use I think he must have worked very long hours and was just too tired to change. enquiry@rememberingthepast.co.uk, Remembering the Past You can walk around it. I used to love to go out with the carts and then take the horses to their stables, childhood house-home my-life working-life. The site is now a Lidl supermarket. I can still remember the doorbell tinkle as you opened the door. childhood local-history other royal-family transport wartime working-life. A trip to Kays the Sweety Shop saw all our money spent. There would be clouds of dust coming off and God only knows what else, probably fleas, bugs, etc. It was 3/6d a visit in those days and one could always see the doctor. There is a mosque at Laygate, including the Yemeni School, which was visited by American boxer Muhammad Ali in 1977. Here is a festive circus scene featuring Father Christmas at Callers department store, Newcastle upon Tyne. We had huge stocks of tinned food in the back shop - enough to feed the area for two weeks following any invasion. It was taken in 1964. With her being a coal burner there was soot and smoke everywhere! It was sheer heaven . Every ship that went up or down the river came past our house. "Oh, there's plenty of time for sleep when you're laid out", she'd say. I have a snapshot of myself, looking so smug you would think I had produced her myself. This form part of the Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site. 12.99. Revised New Colour Series A new book - South Shields In The 1950s - throws light on a crucial chapter in the town's history. This is a 35mm slide. It was taken in 1964. He built a model Mississippi paddle steamer in his garage workshop. This is a 35mm slide. In July when the mackerel were abundant, Ross could catch up to a hundred big fish in one session. This shows the illuminated window of Bainbridge Department store, Newcastle upon Tyne. The school nurse told me I had ringworm and an area of my hair had to be cut away. At lunch time I used to go out to the YMCA, which put on a good meal on the top floor. Even after we told my Mum and Dad what we intended doing, they seemed to think this is a joke, they will never do it. "South Shields' Herd Groyne lighthouse is shipshape after facelift", "Town Hall Weathervane - South Tyneside Libraries", "South Tyneside council: building description", "Planetarium's future saved with move out of town! They were night clubs then." Thanks to Kathy and also to Lynn Mckenna who was one of many to remember it when it was. childhood holidays pastimes-entertainment. It was taken in 1964. In 2005 the Customs House commissioned author Peter Mortimer to write a play on the subject of the 1930 Yemeni Riot. The college was also home to the only planetarium in the region, and to an observatory; and in its time was a popular visitor attraction for local schools and visitors in general. One day we thought we would get some slabs and sell them uncut from the shop, I think our venture only lasted a couple of days and we only made a few bob. A birthday party was a big event because you were bombarded with presents. Colliery. This is a 35mm slide. "Bliddy mackerel" he roared, giving me a clip across the ear, "go back tomorrow and get some herring"! We saw them go up and we saw them come down! My favourite time was haymaking or bringing in the stooks. The news broadcasts, with the well-known voices of John Snagg and Alva Liddell, attained almost religious significance. The big change came in 1966 when the firm acquired a computer. Went there all the time in the 60s. from Yorkshire. buildings celebrations-events childhood local-history music. [citation needed], The current town was founded in 1245 and developed as a fishing port. Everything was dwarfed by the Esso Northumbria, which was so long you could see neither the top nor the other end. Cotton dresses, sandals and arctic weather. Leg tan was a thick liquid and you had to keep it even or you had blotchy legs. If the dock yard lads were running late they would give two whistles and the little Brigham & Cowan's launch would come over and take them back to the south side. It was taken in 1965. Sometimes it was an effort to eat it all but being three healthy growing lads, we always gave it a damn good try. 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