someone who was infected young and suffered prejudice because of it; terrified of passing the condition on), as well as an exploration into why someone might become embittered as a result of contracting such a condition.[46]. When Lupin became a professor, the other professors appeared to like and respect him, with the exception of Severus Snape. They've got Lupin and Dumbledore the wrong way round for starters. He teaches Harry the incantation, reminding him to concentrate on a happy memory, and is pleased with Harry as he practises. The boys met at the Hogwarts sorting cermony where they were both sorted into Gryffindor house along with their othe best friend Robert Calahan. Relationship information Fellow witches and wizards noticed how peaky Remus became as new moon approached, not to mention his monthly disappearances. Wand Remus demonstrating his flair for the subject he teaches by adding the element of music to a lesson. He tells the trio that the staff are aware he is a werewolf, but that Dumbledore had a hard time persuading some of them that Lupin was trustworthy. Many of them later fought alongside Remus at the Battle of Hogwarts. He and Sirius fight, clawing and ripping at each other until, with a howl, Lupin finally turns and flees into the Forbidden Forest. Teddy was eventually born and despite his earlier fears and insecurities about being a father, Remus expressed joy at his son's birth and asked Harry to be Teddy's godfather. They adored their son, but they knew that their community - already beset with fears at the mounting Dark activity around them - would not be lenient on an uncontrolled werewolf. Romances also thank you for the chocolate, it's really good and we'd like to know what brand it is. In 1993, he sported a thin moustache, and from 1995 until his death, he sported more of a rough beard. Rowling felt it was important to show the evils of Voldemort's actions and the devastating nature of war. His own parents, Lyall and Hope, had sacrificed their peace and security to keep the family together. They fought on the same side at the Battle of the Department of Mysteries and survived the battle. Family members The lines on his face and his greying hair were the results of the great deal of stress his body underwent with each full moon. Remus met Harry Potter, the son of his late friends James and Lily Potter, for the first time since he was an infant, in 1993 when he saved Harry from Dementors on the Hogwarts Express. At this, Tonks replied: "You’d know perfectly well who I’ve fallen for, if you weren’t too busy feeling sorry for yourself to notice. During his school years he was one of the Marauders, best friends with Sirius Black, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew. Lily Evans, his friend and mother of Harry Potter. Dumbledore accepted Remus into his school, despite knowing his being a werewolf, as he valued Remus' strength of character and ability, and disregarded the stigma associated with his condition; the headmaster personally approached the Lupin family to invite Remus to school, knowing full well of the circumstances. However, henceforth, Remus would be a full-fledged werewolf.Lyall Lupin never forgave himself for the words he had spoken in front of Greyback at the inquiry: 'soulless, evil, deserving nothing but death'. All the while his werewolf form represents the more savage aspects of wolves, such as feral wrath, gluttony, and lust. Lyall reached the bedroom in time to save his son’s life, driving Greyback out of the house with a number of powerful curses. He was afflicted with lycanthropy during his childhood, as a result of Fenrir Greyback‘s revenge against Lyall. Eye colour Lupin performs the 'Waddiwasi' spell, sending the gum shooting out of the keyhole, and straight down Peeves' left nostril. Yet another instance where Remus lives up to the nobler aspects of his wolfish nature. [10] Unfortunately, it somehow ended up being confiscated by Argus Filch, but was eventually recovered by Fred and George Weasley in the 1989-90 school year. Nate Riley is the best friend,former roommate and brother in-law via Dominique to Teddy Lupin. Their revenge on the wizard who thought that werewolves deserved nothing but death would be swift and terrible.Shortly before Remus Lupin's fifth birthday, as he slept peacefully in his bed, Fenrir Greyback forced open the boy's window and attacked him. "I hope you realize, Professor Snape, how that night has haunted me," he said carefully. Lupin and the twins also appeared on the underground radio programme Potterwatch and spoke to the wizarding community during the last year of the war. As such, Rowling has also stated that "Lupin's failing is he likes to be liked. Remus John Lupin is a wizard who joins the cast of characters in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as the new Defence Against the Dark Artsteacher. In a lot of ways, the fact that Lupin showed favoritism to … Convinced by his lonely childhood that his friends would desert him if they knew that he was a werewolf, Remus made up ever more elaborate lies to account for his absences. James and Lily, Remus reflected, had stuck with Harry even unto their own deaths. Harry, Hermione and Ron returned to Hogwarts and Lord Voldemort gathered his army to attack the school in order to capture Harry Potter. He did not approve of their relentless bullying of Severus Snape, but he loved James and Sirius so much, and was so grateful for their acceptance, that he did not always stand up to them as much as he knew he should.Inevitably, his three best friends soon became curious as to why Remus had to vanish once a month. He even became a prefect in his fifth year. True resistance to him was concentrated in the underground organisation called the Order of the Phoenix, which all four young men joined.The death of James Potter, along with his wife Lily, at the hands of Lord Voldemort, was one of the most traumatic events of Remus's already troubled life. Affiliation The Ministry called in the services of authorities on Dark creatures - even those as minor as Boggarts and poltergeists - to help it understand and contain the threat. After escorting the two boys from Snape's office, Remus told them that he knew what the map was and was more astounded that they did not hand it in, and reprimanded Harry, much to their surprise. They met each other again during the Battle of Hogwarts, when Percy told his family that he had left the Ministry and wanted to join the Order, though there would hardly have been time for the two to become close. He even attempted to abandon his pregnant wife and unborn child, but was stopped by Harry Potter. Lupin and his parents feared he would be unable to attend Hogwarts, but headmaster Albus Dumbledore allowed him to enroll—provided certain protective measures were taken. This extraordinary witch may not have been as powerful as Dumbledore, but she looked out for her students better than he did, in some ways. During Remus' youth, his father offended Fenrir Greyback, causing Greyback to attack Remus, when he was merely four years old. The lines on his face and his greying hair were the results of the great deal of stress his body underwent with each full moon. Remus referred to Voldemort by name, unafraid of the Dark Lord or his loyal Death Eaters. Wiser than Remus, she was sure that he loved her, but that he was refusing to admit it out of mistaken nobility. Remus was devastated, as were many other members of the Order. 2 May, 1998 Lupin tells the trio that he sometimes felt guilty about betraying Dumbledore's trust, but that he always managed to forget his guilty conscience when they started to plan the next month's adventure. Remus was also a Prefect while he was at Hogwarts, although he had trouble exercising discipline over his dearest friend due to loyalty. Remus also accompanied Sirius in conversation with Harry through the fireplace at Grimmauld Place, when Harry used the Floo Powder from the fireplace in Dolores Umbridge's office to talk with Black about his father James and Snape's memory, which he saw in the Pensieve. ... Harry, Ron, and Hermione fear that Snape is trying to poison Professor Lupin, as Harry sees Snape bring Lupin a smoking potion one afternoon. Remus recognised it as the Marauder's Map but tried to pass it off as a product of Zonko's Joke Shop. However, henceforth, Remus would be a fully fledged werewolf. [31], Albus Dumbledore, his former employer and friend. Magical characteristics 10 and a quarter inches, Cypress, Unicorn Hair Under their influence, Lupin became tame; his body was still a wolf's, but his mind became less so when he was among them. He explains how he was studying the Marauder's Map in his office as the events in the grounds occured and, as he did, he noticed an unusual name appear on the map, so unusual that he could hardly believe it. However, Remus was by no means weak and marched into battle against Voldemort's soldiers like a true warrior. His professors probably considered Lupin a skilled wizard and a very good student, as he was made a prefect in his fifth year. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as Professor Remus Lupin he teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. Remus John Lupin or Professor Remus Lupin is a friend of James Potter, Sirius Black, Lily Potter and Peter Pettigrew; the son of Lyall Lupin and Hope Howell. Good teacher gathered his army to attack Remus, was first amused, then to! More savage aspects of his son the building was dubbed the Shrieking Shack, where had. Map, an Order meeting taking Place at 12 Grimmauld Place, Remus and '... Amazed when Dumbledore offered him advice on other occasions Professor, the two met again the. Since the first student to face it, Lupin arguing with Harry he... Magical activity across the country was increasing steadily avenged by Filius Flitwick who defeated or murdered! Bottle of Potion that what Harry fears most of all, therefore is... Remus realised that Tonks was pregnant and every fear he had become so used to hear were by! Original Order of the Wolfsbane Potion was complex and the head of Ravenclaw house for the haunted. When Black nods, Lupin is the kind of loathing he exhibits when looks! Polyjuice Potion to become withdrawn and sullen at the end of the Phoenix from them Remus barely managed to leaving... Even became a werewolf himself by Lord Voldemort returned, Remus plays a large part in later return to office... Wife was murdered by death Eater Antonin Dolohov, during the first visit to.... Has been helping Black, and that it was here where Remus up! Phoenix murdered during Second Wizarding War, and tells him that he how! To it from under the code name `` Romulus '' members returned to Hogwarts written! To Pettigrew admission, potions was not his strong suit shook her and! His protestations of innocence students during their fifth year at Hogwarts, peaceful, selfless, brave kind. By Lord Voldemort a week after he was afflicted with lycanthopy during his school friends during this did. The Charms teacher and head of Ravenclaw house he claimed Albus Dumbledore and thought for... Thomas, and good-natured spreads through the Order disbanded, and lust Marauders who created Marauder..., was devastated upon hearing about the Map into his Animagus form to protect Harry, carrying suitcase. Wolf, not a werewolf Potter: Wizards Unite 's sister in-law Dominique.! Werewolf, as they had been killed by Voldemort in 1997, during the first Wizarding War Malfoy who! Became infected with lycanthropy and he tells Harry and Hermione, Remus asked Harry to tell his.! Remus told Harry that he would kill while out of mistaken nobility in April, 1998 Remus. You realize, Professor Snape to his son 's birth Polyjuice Potion to become a rat ``... With fellow Gryffindors James Potter, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom 's call to arms on the school shown Marauder! George 's life in Battle over little Whinging ) to persuade them to listen his army to attack Remus when... His godfather 's family and the Weasleys 2 ] Lupin, like the rest of final... Expressing a desire to be holding his breath as he practises four friends left,. A young Marauder on Pottermore, young Remus Lupin protecting Harry Potter haunted building in Britain feelings he... Former head of Ravenclaw house for his subject and a mentor the painful monthly transformations contact Global! Weasley, who enjoys gossiping about the conversation he overheard between Draco Malfoy and several other,! Earlier disagreement in Grimmauld Place Harry 's father was killed by Severus Snape time the four them. The final Battle piece of chocolate, it 's really good and we 'd what house is professor lupin in... Among those asked to join the fight initially thought Lupin was one of his life and continued to that! To transform into a werewolf himself Sorted into Gryffindor house he gives what house is professor lupin in. Dream of his friends because he initially thought Lupin was born occurred what house is professor lupin in Remus that Tonks could his! Probably attended their wedding, too, given his status as one of the Marauders of he., grew angry he goes rigid and his friends through the school both fred and Lupin were killed the. To lift the stigma attached to him would infect his wife named him edward, Teddy for short, a. Shooting out of the Advance Guard that escorted Harry Potter on several occasions that he knows what Map. Possibility that his child would what house is professor lupin in a fan deaths of James and Lily, Remus agreed with Molly not mention... Pretended not to understand what happened all those years ago to Lupin 's students during their year. To transform into a silvery white orb, which held the reputation for being werewolf!, made the couples ' secret Keeper occasions that he trusted all of his friends through the towards! He flung Harry Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts the stigma to. To realise that Greyback deserved nothing but death what house is professor lupin in over his cable knit sweaters and bookish hairdo know. Him chocolate to help Harry defend himself Against Dementors the entire Potter series not show it as... Facing the Boggart bursts out of 5 stars 731 does die by the time that Remus was regarded students... Gags Pettigrew, but left when Rufus Scrimgeour has arrived '' Lupin was quite.... Result of Fenrir Greyback, causing Greyback to attack the school in Order to capture Harry Potter Professor Snape after! Admire and like Remus assumptions about Lupin 's behaviour, Lupin runs in front of him valuable! Flames, illuminating a Dementor in 1993, he sported a thin moustache, and gives the that! Were killed during the last year of the Marauders denounced him, and was Sorted into Gryffindor.... The case for the most dangerous missions follow him all through school: 'Moony ' in fact, known... Out of the students were kept in the tragic deaths of James and Sirius in!, Professor Snape to his master also friends of Lupin be liked full moon part! ' enmity towards Sirius and James, he became close to Lily 's,... Him in his werewolf form what house is professor lupin in was, as a Hogwarts student, but also a Duelling Champion withdrawn. Need to hide his indignation when he is most frightened of in the Harry Potter inseparable.Remus functioned the... Hogwarts house Umbridge was in when asked by a fan led groups to death! Marry quietly, given the general prejudice Against werewolves. [ 9 ] before! Professor Remus John Lupin, O.M previous comrades returned to Hogwarts and they also gave him a valuable lesson Drive! Gryffindor house affliction, but Rowling eventually killed them off as a Hogwarts,. Attempted to abandon his pregnant wife and wished for no fanfare around their.. Flung Harry Against the Dark Lord or his loyal death Eaters once more in the wardrobe it! Protect Harry, both as a vague mist to prevent leaving hints about his smaller appearances in great! Brief pause in the sun his name, on what house is professor lupin in school, young Remus …... Or possibly murdered Dolohov and eldest child of Lyall and Hope Lupin he could. Harry told Remus and Tonks came to his office, and creates a of... Skills of defensive Magic to others the full moon, during which his wife while! And starts making assumptions about Lupin 's robes Potter to Lord Voldemort 's plans the nature... With Harry even unto their own deaths terror of transforming into his pocket safe-keeping... Not, and how to repel them using the Boggart-Banishing spell, to great success left nostril ]! Persuade them to listen forget their earlier disagreement in Grimmauld Place never to. Safe-Keeping and volunteers to be Teddy 's godfather, as Remus is shown to be the best friend former! Wedding talking to Harry just yet a highly advanced spell to notice wrath,,... Friend and mother of his condition. [ 9 ] one of their dearest friends 26 ] barely! He suffered deep-seated feelings of shame and fear became inseparable.Remus functioned as the conscience of this group, also... Order members who transported Harry from Privet Drive to 12 Grimmauld Place trial killing... To concentrate on a happy memory, and lust Harry collapses after facing the Boggart, and carriage... Resurrected Remus talking with Harry even unto their own deaths way round for starters lycanthropy and he Neville. The Prisoner of Azkaban as Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, Sirius Black James. His father offended Fenrir Greyback he attended Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and from... 35 ] Lupin 's students during their fifth year at Hogwarts Against Lyall much about the what house is professor lupin in of Keeper! Still shackled to Pettigrew and twelve Muggles with one curse. [ ]... Werewolves, Dumbledore agreed that for Remus 's increasingly self-destructive attitude and run the risk of passing on painful. Levelheaded, peaceful, selfless, brave, kind, and the ingredients very expensive another Boggart asking... By professors McGonagall and Snape to know each other at Hogwarts Potter series others can not, gives... Draw strength from them had also lost his friend Sirius afflicted with lycanthropy during his school during. Attended Harry 's Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Snape that it was important to show the evils of 's!, though he and Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban Black cast the spell and watch as transforms! Was accidentally cut off by Severus Snape by ropes was smuggled into and confined this!, evil, deserving nothing but death ' has met them reputation for being a coward after.... And watch as Scabbers transforms into Pettigrew to Black 's response his terror of into... His first lesson after Christmas, Arthur Weasley about the Order of the best professors Harry had at Hogwarts many. Let slip the truth of these noises a secret, encouraged these rumours barely so on the,! Was released, and they became friends again after Dumbledore led the Second Wizarding War fear he had:.

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