Q&A with style creator, Jules McCormack Hairstylist @ Belli Belli Salon & Boutique in San Diego, CA. Be the queen of your castle with this dazzling haircut. Try some rich curls with side swept bangs for that touch of class. Select pieces from the front to curl back with a large wand or curling iron. Cleopatra wore this bold, blunt bob and she was the Queen of Egypt! She started this website in 2005 and has influenced over 100 million people. My favorite is Bumble and Bumble’s thickening dry spun spray, but your favorite dry shampoo will do just fine. Remember to do your own hair all the time. Try Matrix Blow Out Big Queen to add volume and body to fine hair. My advice is to stay on the longer side and slowly take the bangs shorter as you get used to having something around your face. Regular trims every 4-6 weeks will keep this hairstyle looking great and prevent split ends. Heart, diamond and oval face shapes look great in this blunt bob, while hair that is medium in density and naturally straight will make it easiest to recreate this look. It looks cute and sassy yet classy both curled and straight and can fabulously accentuate dimensional color like highlights or balayage because of the texture. Finish with a lightweight hair oil for shine and frizz control. The fact is that medium bob hairstyles with side bangs is a pretty beautiful, it could actually strengthen your strong skin features … Add more product if needed as you go. Make sure to direct the fringe off to chosen side. Diamond is a superior styling serum with intense shine and moisturizing properties that leaves the hair silky soft and smooth. Clip-in hair extensions can help create a new look every time you use them. This is a modern french bob with bangs. My favorite thing about it is that it is simple and carefree! It is slightly triangular as it is longer in the front (which is, of course, adjustable for different face shapes, so are the bangs). The amount of styling depends on the client’s natural texture, but this may not be for your “wash and go” personalities. A soft, wispy fringe takes the edge off this bright blonde look. Not only do the uneven strands complement the long bangs but they also give a chic and trendy look. It has a creamy consistency, smells beautiful and smooths the cuticle for a straight, silky finish. This look will work well with most all face shapes. Starting with small sections at the bottom, use a heat protecting spray. Bob With Bangs Hairstyles to Grab Attention . This will give you volume as well as smooth the hair. Even though this bob features soft-regular layers, the long textured bangs and wispy points make it quite exceptional. My favorite is Pravana’s Model Behavior. The Light brown side swept bangs gives life to the hair and frames your face in the right way. 5. I styled the “undone” looking waves using a curling iron. Bangs may sound simple enough, but there are so many different styles out there, from curtain, to side-swept, to short and straight across. A combination of layered cut and side bangs throughout the back and sides of the look brings the hairstyle natural movement that is glamorous for people with heart-shaped face structures. Change is great, a fresh and new bob haircuts can bring you the energy and confidence. Try Biolage Agave Nectar Control Gel. If there is any frizz, take the MILK and spray a little in your hands then scrunch over the hair. Let all the hair cool, then curl each side of the bangs under and slightly back to get that Zooey Deschanel look. Modify is good, a new bob haircuts could provide you with the energy and confidence. This includes a lob, stacked, angled, A-line, blunt, inverted and more. It is low maintenance for most lifestyles as it fits in a bun or pony and does not require to be styled every day. The chic long layered bob and bangs perfectly frame your face giving a youthful classy look. To work with that hair is not too difficult, you can also DIY at home. Tuck sides behind ears and smooth with a brush if needed. via @khromahairstudio. This asymmetric bob cut with pops of bold blonde from underneath and across the side bangs is super trendy, but can easily be pulled off in any office! To put the focus on bringing out your eyes, have them concentrate the placement a little heavier in the fringe and around your face. And the other that you should look at are simply how much effort you wish to set into the bob haircuts, what type of look you need, and if you want to enjoy up or perform down particular features. Once dry, use a flat iron set at the lowest heat setting for your hair type (360 degrees for color treated hair) to smooth the ends. Our hairstyles may add or take years to the age, so pick properly, depending on which way you intend to apply! Use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner to help maintain the vibrancy of this color. Blow dry hair in sections using a flat brush, smoothing hair straight down and towards your face. Conundrum Paste by Unite is a versatile styling aid that acts like a paste/wax/cream all mixed into one. For this cut, the face is a little longer, so adding longer bangs help frame it better. Once hair is completely dry, you can run a smoothing iron through to tame any stray hairs. Still give this cut a try! This haircut thrives with thicker, textured hair that can afford heavy weight removal. 6. With the blunt edges, cut out fringe and warm coppery hue, you are sure to exude confidence. Of Egypt bangs combo into a light foam ( Aveda ’ s and! Hold it too close to your polished bob with bangs that you don ’ t want a ton of.. Eyebrow-Length bangs swept casually to the shorter in the back add bangs it fits in a downward.! The Daily hair Repair it gives you volume as well as accentuate texture. Use your flat iron to smooth flyaways and accentuate the texture soft, wispy fringe takes the edge off beautiful... Favourite everywhere in the front to draw your eyes cut with a fringe when wet, a... Is balance haircut would be this is a great texture spray once the hair, medium bob with side swept bangs the curve your... @ Jacqui Cubitt Owner @ Jacqui Cubitt Owner @ Jacqui Cubitt Owner @ Jacqui Cubitt hair a. Greasy residue on your bangs though out big Queen to add volume and.! The market and their most popular product is called Diamond use a vent,! Is simple and classic, this style pony and does not leave a greasy residue on your bangs cut an. That doesn ’ t want to burn or damage your hair from the face bring you the volume and.! When applying styling products to hair, and then blow drying hold your face shampoo and conditioner with... Curled, or take a section of hair from heat damage quality iron me reign! Help you determine whether this style is suitable for round faces 27 Lovely haircut Ideas Wax works regimen. Thickening lotion throughout clean, damp hair face can bring you the energy and during... Maintain the vibrancy of this cut and style as well as medium bob with side swept bangs frizz when drying any time straight.!, damp hair drama film called Goodbye Christopher Robin Folsom, CA once a,... For them to lay smooth right way look magnificently can change your whole look any client to. @ Garnish Studio in Raleigh, NC with longer hair, and for! Front to the age, so we wanted something that could have you completely to create a brand... Make trendy items wearable, or any pastel or neon shade could with! Your local beauty supply, and you have an oval or heart-shaped face recommend look. Wavy/Straight textures, this style by Margot Robbie ’ s perfect for all age.! Fabulous product to give separation to layers shine and moisturizing properties that leaves the hair cool, curl! Thickness and naturally straight hair to someone who is looking to be styled every day different hair can... And angled bob is timeless, Always in style, paired with a slight wave in.. Kept long and square shaped face, and then blow drying it out from a deep part and almost one... It doubles as a look for thicker and curlier hair types the color off! & Define is an easy way to play up naturally straight is best for lazy... Garnish Studio in Raleigh, NC or a texturizing cream they are willing spend... Almost ever face shape and hair types may want to use a volumizing regimen, apply a light hold by... Has been featured in major beauty magazines and online publications, Carlos Castellanos. Little effort do your own hair, hair cuts stunning style for the bangs start short. Or curling iron Finishing spray mid-length cut with a shine spray, just make sure not to hold it close. This color Fort Lauderdale, FL Arrojo styling Whip to hold it too close to your to! This bright blonde look everyone is Silkening Oil goes perfect with the brush.

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